Here is what our clients have said about us:

"PHBSP has provided me with essential information about Medicare and helped me navigate this complex health insurance system. Specifically Bill from PHBSP helped me navigate the Medicare.gov website, explained their rating system, helped me find the most economical Part D Prescription Drug Plan that covered all my drugs and helped me get enrolled. The plan has worked as described and I am very satisfied. In addition, Bill gave me the information my husband needed for delayed Medicare enrollment without penalty at his upcoming retirement at age 67."
"It astonished me to learn just how many Medicare insurance sales organizations knew I had turned age 65! PHBSP helped me find unbiased information so I could make good decisions regarding the myriad of options available when I enter the Medicare system. I spent over 40 years as a financial advisor and attorney, yet was woefully unprepared to work through the complexities of the various tentacles of the Medicare morass. PHBSP provides services that the entire community should support."
"My husband and I were fortunate to connect with Bill McKendree through North Allegheny retiree Dave McDonald. Bill's wonderful research and expertise, enabled each of us to find a reasonable prescription plan suited to our individual needs. In addition, Bill masterfully guided us through the application process, and we are grateful for the confidence he instilled in us, as we transitioned to the next phase of securing prescription insurance in our retirement. Thanks, Bill!"
"The PHBSP has been instrumental in assisting members of my Western PA Kidney Support Groups in guiding them through the Medicare maze for those diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney Disease. Not a week goes by that I don't learn something new and beneficial to assist those with a devastating life-threatening illness manage their healthcare needs and benefits. The PHBSP performs great community service by giving unbiased, strictly educational advice and guidance in assisting those new to the Medicare system in explaining the complexities of Medicare and enabling them to select the best plan for their needs. And this organization stands ready to assist anyone who runs into any type of roadblock with their Medicare plan."
"Retired personnel from North Allegheny School District have utilized Bill McKendree and PHBSP for over a decade as they have needed Medicare and Social Security advice. Bill has tirelessly and selflessly devoted his expertise to assist these people who only have accolades for him."
"PHBSP empowers individuals to successfully navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. I am very appreciative of the guidance that was provided that enabled me to make effective decisions about my healthcare benefits and ultimately my health."
"Bill, when I see and hear about some of the situations related to health, health insurance, care, treatment and all of the steps, required, expected that a common person must negotiate, I am overwhelmed. It is hard and especially so when a person is in need of health care. When in a weakened state the pressure seems strongest. I offer a prayer of thanks for what you do to help. All of your sessions, yes, but more, all of your preparation, study, experience, gathering knowledge, not only from study but interpretation, contemplating the interpretation of others - especially those making decisions that affect us…Thank you for all you do."

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